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*Just wanted to share my feedback experience with Nicolas Vanhove. My friend and I have been learning French with Nicolas since the beginning of this year. His classes are very fun, enjoyable and structured. What we loved most was that it was catered to our individual speed , it was always flexible and concentrated on where we needed focus on. He always ensured that the classes were interesting by including learning materials from different sources. Nicolas gave us tips and feedback to quickly achieve what we needed. He is an extremely patient teacher and has always made his explanations clear and precise. I would definitely recommend Nicolas to my friends and anyone who wants to learn French. :)

Testimonial by Amanda

It has been great learning French from Nicolas. I have in the past tried learning French for multiple times including with Alliance Française for two years and multiple private tutors for over a year but I never really quite came to grasp with the language. However, with Nicolas and his flexible teaching method and schedule, my French has improved a lot and I had maintained my interest in learning this language during all these months. I had tried both face to face and Skype lessons with Nicolas and both worked perfectly. I would definitely recommend Nicolas to anyone who wishes to learn French. He is definitely an awesome teacher.

Testimonial by Helen Mak

It’s a good way to escape from the hustle by experiencing the French culture, seeing French movies and sipping French wine. To take one more step before touring France, I decided to take French lessons. Nicolas delivers convenient and concise French lessons. Flexibility and task oriented learning are the other advantages. I recommend busy professionals to take a break and start learning French from Nicolas.

Testimonial by Alice

I had been learning French from a young age, and have continued learning it as part of my GCSEs and IB. Unfortunately, in my years abroad for university, I had lost touch with French, and the lack of opportunity to use it did not help at all. I decided to take a gap year to improve myself in areas that can’t be enhanced through tertiary education, and one of those areas was in languages. I searched online and Nicolas was one of the first tutors I had found, I was particularly drawn towards the usage of Skype as a medium of teaching – I never thought that would be possible and yet I enjoyed the flexibility of the sessions because of it. As it was on Skype, I could have a lesson anywhere in the world and the hours are very flexible. Above all, Nicolas helped me brush up my French conversational skills due to the one-to-one personalized nature of the classes, something that’ll hardly ever happen in classroom settings. Thus, I definitely recommend him!

Testimonial by Leon Chan

Being a native Cantonese speaker, and in order to improve my communication skills due to my position, I needed professional French Tuition classes. I really appreciated the care and rapidity my request was considered and I highly recommend Nicolas for his services. We should have more young people like Nicolas to improve our everyday life.

Testimonial by Gabrielle

I am recommending my tutor Nicolas. I have been learning French with Nicolas for more than a year and my French has been improved rapidly! A wide range of learning resources are provided for the lessons, which are useful for self-learning. The contents of each class are well designed in which it makes good balance between the four skills of learning language, namely reading, writing, speaking and listening.  The homework given also help in building a strong foundation and improving the weaknesses.

I learned French with another famous institution before, but I learn more effectively with Nicolas.  His teaching style is more relax and he is also an easy-going person, which make my French class more enjoyable.

Testimonial by Nicola Lau

Last Summer I had French lessons with my teacher, Nicolas, and I really enjoyed it because I learnt a lot during the lessons. Nicolas taught me lots of things, like grammar, tenses, vocabs about different topics, like countries, French music or even conversations in a restaurant. He taught me in a way step by step so that the pace of lessons wouldn’t go too fast or too slow. Also, Nicolas always gave me homework to do so as to make me improve my French more quickly and to let me memories what I have learnt in the lesson.

To conclude, I really recommend Nicolas as a French teacher because he speaks English fluently and he is able to explain French grammar in English for me to understand. I really appreciate his effort and I indeed had lots of fun learning French with him.

Testimonial by Tiffany Ng